“You have been brilliant. Thanks so much for your patience, expertise and energy!”

Neil Mortensen

Director of Audiences, ITV

I offer workshops in subjects such as music theory, singing technique, circle singing, or general choiry/group fun things… other times I facilitate workshops with friends and colleagues including award winning singers and conductors such as David Lawrence (Choral) Ken Burton (gospel choir), Anita Wardell (jazz), Neil Ferris (Choral), Will Todd (Mass in Blue), Briony Greenhill (circle singing) , Celia Wickman Anderson (Black Voices) etc.

If you are a group or business and would like me to lead a session do drop me an email. Whether I’m coaching singers for the Olivier Awards or working with amateurs in a local village hall I apply the same standards of energy, attention to detail and musicality. I believe in sharing skills and knowledge and empowering everyone to be the best they can.

I knew that I wanted to do something different with my client’s marketing team in one of our workshops and thought of getting them to sing. Naturally Hannah was the only person I’d call on for this task. I was so nervous about how this would work but needn’t have been given Hannah‘s incredible talent at making a group of people achieve amazing things together. It worked a treat under her guidance and enthusiasm and I would highly recommend her to any future corporates who need to boost the creativity in their teams in this way

Michael Barker

Founder, Saffrom Steer