Virtual Choir: Earth Prayer

Give me silence…give me peace…


Earth Prayer was written in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic by Hannah Brine, with arranger Jennifer Watson and poet Jessica Boatright. We wanted to reflect the new stillness that had come to be and the benefits that this brought for the climate, despite the horrible reality that this illness brought to communities across the world. This song reflects hope and togetherness, and the power to change who we are to make the world a better place. Is it a prayer? Kind of – we like to think of it as a humanist prayer, but there are no religious references in the song.

We have now recruited a choir from across the country to bring this song to life ready for its virtual premiere in Autumn 2020. Keep an eye on Hannah’s social media for news and updates about the project.

We hope, one day, to be able to sing this piece in person.

We’re not so different you and I…

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